Character building process

For Spiess, “all” (anything) is a source of inspiration, as long as it is emotionally significant for him. Creating a character always implies for him a reference, which can be a person, an object, an animal or a concept, resignifying and recreating his reality as an inspiration. Spiess defines the external structure of his works from a basic configuration ꟷsize and shape of the piecesꟷ and he designs the parts that compose them according to the conception he has in mind, since the most important  thing for him is to bring the concept of the organic to the mechanical forms. Each work, for him, is a construct that is born from minimal plans and, despite the fact that he intuits the final product, it always surprises him. His processes are based on the theoretical bases provided by engineering and aesthetics, also granting an important space to improvisation. In his own words, “if you have an open heart and there is breadth in your thoughts, the result will express who you are and what you wanted to happen. I have always thought that I receive from the world what I give.”